How It Works

The Mansformation Challenge will help you build healthy habits in training, nutrition, and lifestyle.

You’ll track your performance (on this Tracking Sheet) and submit it online at the end of each week.

You’ll also get access to our Facebook group, where we’ll share resources, answer questions, and post bonus opportunities.

This structure is fun, simple, and works for all fitness levels!

Training Objective

 Exercise 4 times per week

You’ll complete your training sessions at A-Game Fitness and Performance in Flourtown.

Our program uses a wide range of functional movements to help you build strength, boost your metabolism, and improve your mobility. We’ll explain each workout and guide you through every exercise.

Nutrition Objective

 Eat 3 “balanced meals” every day

Your goal is to eat three daily meals that include a lean protein + vegetable + healthy fat + water.

This approach is simple, easy to track, and highly effective. You’ll be amazed at the immediate improvements you’ll notice in your energy levels and satiety.

Detox Objective

  Avoid nutritional toxins

You’ll attempt to avoid sugar, gluten, and alcohol during this challenge. These foods can negatively impact your physical performance and often lead to unwanted weight gain.

By avoiding these toxins, you’ll give your body a chance to “reset” and make significant progress toward optimal physical function.

Lifestyle Objective

 Build 1 healthy habit

You’ll focus on building one of these daily habits:

  • Stretch for 10 minutes
  • Read for 20 minutes
  • Walk for 20 minutes
  • Turn screens off by 9pm
  • Drink a glass of water every morning

This objective will enhance your rest and recovery.